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I admit I am greedy. I want everything; to learn, to understand, to experience. After all, the world is complex and the possibilities are boundless. I remember my first purposeful manifestation of this greediness when, as a small child, I tried to find out why my grandmother’s alarm clock was ticking. Despite the knowledge I gained, this experience was not entirely positive…

From all my childhood toys, I was attracted the most to my color pencils. I would not let them go. That led to four years at the Šiauliai Children’s Art School. The experience was wonderful and let me hope for a life filled with art. Since I was greedy, I also graduated from the School of Young Physicists at the same time.

I have lived and worked in Šiauliai, Lithuania my whole life, so I did not hesitate to choose the Art Department of the Šiauliai University when the time came to start college. During my studies and after graduation I participated in exhibitions in Šiauliai and throughout Lithuania. The critics where kind and so I said “Why not“ to an invitation to exhibit my paintings at a private gallery in London.

This taught me that the art world also has a dark side. I arrived in London for the opening and found no such gallery and my paintings gone. I came back with my artistic drive broken. After a few months – another sign: thieves ransacked my art studio.

However, my greediness did not go away. I delved into new interests. My wife and I decided to build a family business that would foster our creativity in different ways. It wasn‘t easy but the process taught us a lot. I worked hard and tried to learn us much as possible about the business for a long time.

Then, my loving wife asked me to paint something. I sat down in front of an easel with worry and trepidation but I felt how pleasant it was to hold a brush. What previously seemed like a sign to stop painting now felt like a bump in the road. It took me twenty years to realize that.

“And so - into the air – by self-made model planes or in a paraglider; - into the water – in a sail boat or on a windsurfing board. This is just a beginning.”



Saulius Leviska was born on September 8, 1964 in Šiauliai, Lithuania, where he still works and lives with his wife Violeta, daughter Agnė and son Jokūbas. In his youth he attended the Šiauliai Children’s Art School and also graduated from the School of Young Physicists. Since graduating from Šiauliai University art faculty in 1987, Saulius has participated in exhibitions in Šiauliai and throughout Lithuania. He ran a successful family business with his wife Violeta before committing to working as a full time artist.