41a 800Me and...

   ... my art.

I express my art through oil painting. I dabbled in other techniques but discovered oil to be the friendliest.. For me, a drawing is preparation, a means to catch the initial idea. Highly finished precision details are important to me. In order to accomplish this, I spend approximately two months on one painting. I have developed soft light and light earth colors early in my career and use it  in the new paintings.


  ...my paintings.

I see the white square of canvas as a window to the limitless hypothetical continuum of the world. I choose a direction to expand this continuum as I feel in the moment. I try to express my own emotions and state of being through it. I strive to understand the world in all; even seemingly impossible ways and share it with a viewer. In my art, I do not confront commonplace social ideas or problems and do not express my own grievances. I do it elsewhere.