41a 800Me and...

   ... my art.

I express my art through oil painting. I dabbled in other techniques but discovered oil to be the friendliest.. For me, a drawing is preparation, a means to catch the initial idea. Highly finished precision details are important to me. In order to accomplish this, I spend approximately two months on one painting. I have developed soft light and light earth colors early in my career and use it  in the new paintings.


  ...my paintings.

I see the white square of canvas as a window to the limitless hypothetical continuum of the world. I choose a direction to expand this continuum as I feel in the moment. I try to express my own emotions and state of being through it. I strive to understand the world in all; even seemingly impossible ways and share it with a viewer. In my art, I do not confront commonplace social ideas or problems and do not express my own grievances. I do it elsewhere.

  ... the viewer.
We live in a large and multifaceted world.For me, the world feels fragile. That‘s why my art is a quiet whisper to the viewer. I think about my communication with the viewer as setting a theme of a musical melody with the viewer expanding it into a more complex musical form. I want to awaken the viewer‘s imagination and feelings. I want to move the viewer away from everyday problems and fears. If a viewer feels better after seeing my paintings, my work is done.

  ... myself.
My work is an inner conversation that would be impossible in words. I feel happy when I am unexpectedly able to say something important in the best possible way. It feels good to surprise myself in finding answers in brush strokes. It makes me hope for understanding from the others.

My source of inspiration is seeing the world as an art project.. This project is limitless, wonderful and impossible to comprehend fully. I paint to enrich, extend, and reveal my world even more. What a sweet self-lie. I seek equilibrium of measurements, balance of colors and lines in order for all to feel more comfortable and less fearful in the world. From the cultural sphere, music inspires me the most by uplifting me into a creative dimension. Sometimes, I simply need to create.